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During this challenging time our physicians offices will remain open and we are accepting new patients. We are making all efforts to eliminate potential exposure to corona virus in the offices. Patients with fever, cough or respiratory symptoms are directed to stay home to avoid exposing others. Please call if you have any questions.

Osteopathy can be helpful in fighting infection. During the Flu pandemic of 1918, the death rate among infected patients was 5-6%. In contrast, among those patients treated by osteopathic physicians the death rate was only 0.25%.*

Osteopathy is the practice of medicine based on the essential relationship in all living things between structure and function, in other words, the natural interdependence between anatomy and physiology, aka between physics and chemistry. As osteopathic physicians, we use our comprehensive and precisely detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, to promote health and healing in our patients. We work gently with our hands to help your body restore optimal function based on optimal structure.

Our medical training as osteopathic physicians gives us a DO degree (Doctor of Osteopathy). We learn all the same material as our MD colleagues (DOs and MDs are the two equivalent types of fully-licensed medical physicians in the US). In addition, however, our DO training offers unique, in-depth work with anatomy in the context of treating our patients as whole people, not just as catalogs of symptoms. This unique training allows us to work with our hands using gentle, precise and medically astute approaches to help your body heal.

Because we have all of the current medical pharmacopeia, nutritional science, and full medical training at our disposal, your individual treatment may include a wide range of approaches, but will always be founded on our gentle hands-on work.

Osteopathic medicine, as practiced by fully licensed US osteopathic physicians, is an historic American tradition. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, a brilliant US physician, was the founder of osteopathic medicine. He began osteopathic practice in 1874 and started the first school of osteopathic medicine here in the US. Since then, his inspired medical practice based on the relationship of structure and function in the whole person, has led to the development of more than 30 osteopathic medical schools across the country.