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During this challenging time our physicians offices will remain open and we are accepting new patients. We are making all efforts to eliminate potential exposure to corona virus in the offices. Patients with fever, cough or respiratory symptoms are directed to stay home to avoid exposing others. Please call if you have any questions.

Osteopathy can be helpful in fighting infection. During the Flu pandemic of 1918, the death rate among infected patients was 5-6%. In contrast, among those patients treated by osteopathic physicians the death rate was only 0.25%.*

Health & Wellness

176A1985Health and wellness are the foundation of a joyous and productive life. Health is not merely the absence of disease, no more than wellness is the absence of symptoms. Health and wellness are the vibrant, energetic states of being in which our bodies, minds and spirits are growing and changing with vigor: adapting to the opportunities, rewards, delights, challenges, surprises, stresses, shocks and even trauma that we face every day in a way that leaves us feeling good and able to embrace all the aspects of our complex lives. Our bodies, minds and spirits work together to create health and wellness within and around us. If our mind and spirit are anxious and stressed, our bodies will reflect this in many structural ways-from muscle spasms to digestive problems to chronic pain and a million other problems. If our bodies are suffering from poor nutrition and lack of exercise they will be prone to degeneration and be more susceptible to disease – and this can influence the clarity of our mind and the buoyancy of our spirits.

176A2459As traditional osteopathic physicians, we follow a long and dedicated tradition of working with you to help you optimize your health and wellness through osteopathic treatment, nutritional and exercise counseling, and other appropriate medical treatments as needed. We become partners together on your journey toward optimal health and wellness for you. We do not merely treat a list of symptoms from which you are suffering, but instead, together with you, seek the root causes of your health problems. We commit to working with you to treat those problems and find solutions that lead always toward finding your best health and wellness- instead of just finding disease – so that you can commit to finding your own best health and wellness together with us. That is the approach of traditional osteopathic medicine as it was envisioned by its founder – to find the health in the whole person, not just the disease. We will work with you to do just that.