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During this challenging time our physicians offices will remain open and we are accepting new patients. We are making all efforts to eliminate potential exposure to corona virus in the offices. Patients with fever, cough or respiratory symptoms are directed to stay home to avoid exposing others. Please call if you have any questions.

Osteopathy can be helpful in fighting infection. During the Flu pandemic of 1918, the death rate among infected patients was 5-6%. In contrast, among those patients treated by osteopathic physicians the death rate was only 0.25%.*


Your Health: With Osteopathic Physician, Dr. Kim Tripp, on Robinhood Radio, WHDD 91.9FM.

Dr. Tripp has a radio show called Your Health on our local NPR station Robinhood Radio. Listen to Your Health for our Osteopathic physician’s approach to a wide range of health and healing topics. This radio show discusses the challenges we face and solutions we need for keeping vital health and well-being throughout our lives from the perspective of a traditional osteopathic physician. The show currently airs for about 30 minutes on Fridays at 12:30pm and Sundays at 5:30pm but you can catch all the shows here on the Goldman/Tripp website as podcasts at your convenience, or catch the most recent shows on the Robinhood Radio website.

To get the podcasts on the Goldman/Tripp website:
Scroll down and click on the desired show to listen.

To get the podcasts from the Robinhood Radio website:

  • Go to the Robinhood Radio Web site:
  • Click the On Demand button.
  • Scroll down the program list to Your Health and click the show name.
  • A long list of the individual show topics will come up.
  • Click on the desired show to listen.