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During this challenging time our physicians offices will remain open and we are accepting new patients. We are making all efforts to eliminate potential exposure to corona virus in the offices. Patients with fever, cough or respiratory symptoms are directed to stay home to avoid exposing others. Please call if you have any questions.

Osteopathy can be helpful in fighting infection. During the Flu pandemic of 1918, the death rate among infected patients was 5-6%. In contrast, among those patients treated by osteopathic physicians the death rate was only 0.25%.*

Fundamental principles of Osteopathy

  1. The body has an inherent ability to heal itself. Operating within all of us and throughout nature there is a mechanism which balances the parts of the body one to the next while it balances the body as a whole and the outside world. These forces work with an Intelligence which is far greater than any physician will ever be no matter how smart they become. It is possible, with trained, sensitive hands, to feel this mechanism as it works. The osteopath helps this mechanism without interfering.
  2. Structure and function are inseparable. Anatomy without physiology is a skeleton while physiology without anatomy is a ghost. In other words, in order for normal chemical processes to function the anatomy must be in proper relationship and have good tone and vitality. Similarly anatomy needs the proper supply and the elimination of waste to have that vitality and stay in proper relationship.
  3. The body functions as a unit. This means that the low back influences the rest of the spine and the head, the legs influence the back, etc., (and vice versa). Also, the mind, body and spirit are so interrelated that they are not separate. The musculoskeletal system and the internal organ systems are also interdependent. Separation of body parts or any aspects of our selves is completely artificial.
  4. A rational approach to health care applies these principles. The benefits of osteopathy are not limited to musculoskeletal complaints.